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  • Servings Per Container: 45
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    Optimal Opti-Nitric is the most advanced formula combining the amino acids L-arginine, ornithine and citrulline together to boost nitric oxide levels within the body. Optimal Opti-Nitric uses these amino acids to help with platelet reactivity and improving endothelial function. This is important to keep arteries and other blood vessels flexible and active. Nitric oxide is what the body uses to stimulate your blood vessels to expand and contract keeping blood pressure in check. L-citrulline is one of the three dietary amino acids in the urea cycle, alongside L-arginine and L-ornithine.

    Individuals, both men and women, with poor circulation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many commonhealth problems are often deficient in the critical molecule nitric oxide. With enough L-arginine, L-ornithine and L-citrulline, according to the research, you can reverse the deficiency and dramatically improve your cardiovascular and overall health.

    The Journal of Advanced Research did an analysis on L-arginine studies that includes the amino acids ornithine and Citrulline since they also work in the same pathway. Many human and animal studies have shown that when taken in the right dosages, these amino acids have bultiple beneficial pharmacological effects such as reduction in the risk of vascular and heart diseases, reduction in erectile dysfunction, improvement in immune response and inhibition of gastric hyperacidity.  The demonstrated anti-aging benefits of L-arginine, ornithine and Citrulline show greater potentioal than any other nutraceutical agent ever previously discovered according to the Journal...(Anti-aging effects of L-arginine, Cairo University, Journal of Advanced Research; 17 June 2009; Dept. of Bichemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology)

    Research shows that L-arginine alone works great to improve Nitric Oxide levels in the body especially in age groups under 30.  After the age of 30, L-arginines effectsiveness alone can be diminished because of oxidation and the bodies ability to use just the arginine pathway for Nitric conversion.  There are two ways to help with this problem.  Opti-Nitric utilizes all three amino acids the body uses for this pathyway and is why ornithine and Citrulline are utilized.

    SUSTAIN RELEASE is important for arginine to have long term benefits to circulation and stimulation.  Special forms of arginine such as AAK are stabilized for sustained release.

    Arginine, Ornithine and Citrulline have research showing that when taken orally in the right amounts can;

    • Precursor for the synthsesis of nitric oxide(NO).
    • Stimulate growth hormone for anti-aging benefits
    • Counter heart disease and aids in blood pressure regulation
    • Imporve insulin sensitivity to help normalize blood sugar
    • Bolster the immune system, boosts energy, and increases lean muscle
    • Promote reproductiove health
    • Natural alternative for Viagra
    • Increases fertility and pleasure sensation in women.

    L-arginine, ornithine or citrulline are not a hormone and are not testosterone.  This is important knowledge for athletes.  This is important knowledge for athletes.  These are amino acids. When properly brought into the body they can cross the blood-brain barrier to signal the hypothalamus to naturally trigger the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone.  This is the key to eliminating any negative side effects.

    Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules twice daily or as directed by your healthcare professional


    Amino Acid Blend....................................2,100mg
    A-AKG (arginine alpha-ketaglutarate), OKG (Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate), L-GKG (L-Glutamine alpha-ketoglutarate), A-kic (arginie Ketoiocaproate) and L-Citrulline
    Other Ingredients: Celluloses and plant derived magnesium stearate