Price: $30.00


    Hedron Cellphone Sleeve

    The NEW Hedron Blackout phone sleeve will completely block the body from cell phone signal radiation. The Hedron sleeve shields radio frequency (RF) and microwave (MW) electromagnetic radiation away from the body when the cell phone is properly in the sleeve. The sleeve will not increase battery drain of your phone.

    This sleeve is designed to give our customers complete phone privacy protection through Faraday technology. Our Blackout sleeve provides you with anti-tracking/tracing anonymity from GPS, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, NFC, remotely triggered apps, No microphone and camera access which all betray your location/privacy and anti-cloning/scanning spyware. No signal will get through and it is RFID blocking.

    With Blackout it can prevent you from being harmed by wave radiation hazardous to the human body by your cell phone, an essential for pregnant women.

    Blackout is constructed of durable faraday fabric and an outer ripstop nylon material which also makes it convent to slide in and out of pockets. The flexible design is excellent for freedom of movement and comfort while worn in clothing.