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    Gyne-Chord is a natural combination formula for symptoms related to toxic load of the female system. Toxins that compromise the female reproductive system may be as a result of environmental, lifestyle, emotional, and microbial sources. The formula contains naturally prepared ingredients to specifically address the often intense symptoms of these concerns.

    For symptoms such as:

    • painful menses
    • burning
    • itching
    • vaginal discharge
    • irritability
    • bouts of depression
    • anxiety
    • pain in pelvic area
    • lower back pain
    • Itching and burning in genitals
    • genital skin eruptions
    • strong odor of menstrual blood.

    Recommended Use:

    Active Ingredients: (per drop) Angelica sinensis, radix 8X; Aurum muriaticum 15X; Boricum acidum 12X; Calcarea carbonica 15X; Candida albicans 12X, 30X; Cimicifuga racemosa 6X; Folliculinum 7C; Glandula suprarenalis suis 9X, 12X, 6C; Helonias dioica 12X, 30C; Hydrastis canadensis 12X; Kreosotum 15X; Mercurius solubilis 12X; Natrum sulphuricum 12X; Oophorinum 9X, 12X, 6C; Pulsatilla 12X; Sepia 12X; Staphysagria 12X; Thuja occidentalis 12X; Thyroidinum 9X, 12X, 6C, 12C; Zincum gluconicum 8X.

    Inactive Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Purified Water.