• Brand: Essiac Inc
  • Size: 16 oz (500 mL)
Price: $45.00


    Essential Content:

    Proprietary recipe Sorrel, Slippery elm, burdock, rhubarb...tanin, resin, essences, glycerides, oxalates, oils, anthraquinones, pectin, mucilage, inuline, lappolines, minerals, vitamins....rhodium 45...Because only natural products used: color, taste and body may vary.

    Does Not Contain: Toxic materials, chemicals, colorants, or preservatives.

    Essiac Decoction

    The decoction has been taken for prevention and well being, it is also known to have been taken with serious conditions. No Claims are made. This is an herbal composite, the product has been decocted as per an old Canadian Indian recipe and used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

    *The Information statements have not yet been evaluated by food and drug administration. These Essiac Products are not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease.

    Directions: Take as directed by your physician or practitioner. The decoction is usually taken (serving) 1 oz (30mL) in double the amount or warm water, sipped, swished in mouth before swallowing. Usually taken once per day 1/2 hour before breakfast the decoction will react better with the absorption process if taken as above in the event of serious diseases it is recommended to take the adives of the health care practioner.

    Important: Refrigerate after opening. Best taken on empty stomach. Do not freeze. Shake well. Decoction from Natural herbs. Made from pure or natural plants. Sold as a food supplement.