• Brand: Premier Research Labs
  • Serving Size: 2 teaspoons (10 mL)
  • Servings Per Container: approx 23
Price: $19.91

    A Gourmet Oil Blend with Balanced Essential Fatty Acids for Brain and Whole-Body Health

    Unrefined Olive Oil, Flaxseed Oil, English Borage Oil and Sesame Seed Oil

    In this era of fat phobia, it may be hard to believe there are good fats. These good fats are called essential fatty acids (EFA) because they are essential for life, yet they cannot be produced by the body. They must be consumed orally in order for the body to manufacture fatty acids in the liver.

    Factors such as a diet high in bad fats and refined foods, excess stress or chronic illness can increase the need for EFAs. Because of the poor diet consumed by the average person, most Americans need a good "oil change" with "good fats" to help balance the "bad fats" eaten. "Bad fats" include fried foods, hydrogenated oils, such as margarine, mayonnaise, commercial salad dressings, highly processed vegetable oils, GMO canola and soybean oil, etc.

    Deficiencies affect approximately 80% of Americans (children and adults) resulting in a myriad of health problems. In order to achieve optimal health, it is important to consume adequate amounts of EFAs.

    EFAs are critical for:

    • the nervous system
    • brain development
    • maintaining brain function
    • kidney health
    • manufacturing steroid and sex hormones
    • healthy blood pressure
    • heart health
    • joint lubrication
    • skin and hair
    • healthy digestion
    • liver health

    EFA Deficiencies can lead to:

    • declined brain function
    • neurodegenerative diseases
    • ADHD in children and adults
    • fatigue
    • depression
    • digestive issues
    • gallstones
    • poor kidney performance
    • joint diseases
    • poor eye health
    • skin disease
    • weak immune function

    Quantum Quality Ingredients

    No other oil blend available today can match the quality of EFA Oil Blend. It is the result of careful measurement of the fatty acids needed to offset deficiencies from the typical Standard American Diet. EFA Oil Blend contains the finest oils (Moroccan olive oil, flaxseed oil, English borage oil and sesame oil) selected from all over the world that provide an ideal ratio of GLA, linoleic acid and Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. They are unrefined and cold-pressed, organic, processed without solvents or chemicals, 100% free of hexane and pesticide residues and nitrogen-flushed to maintain freshness.

    A Gourmet Oil Blend

    EFA Oil Blend is a delicious, full-bodied oil with a gourmet taste. It adds a robust, savory flavor when mixed into salad dressings, grain dishes, vegetables, and just about anything! EFA Oil blend is not stable under heat, therefore should be added to food after it has been cooked.

    Recommended Use: Adults or children age 1 and up: Take 2-3 tsp. daily. Excellent for salad dressings, stir into mashed potatoes, pour on top of cooked veggies, or add it to rice, bean or grain dishes. EFA Oil Blend's gourmet flavor makes it a superb addition to almost any dish! EFA Oil Blend is not a cooking oil.

    Nutrition Facts:


    Total Fat....9g

    Saturated Fat....1g

    Monounsaturated Fat...6g

    Polyunsaturated Fat......2g

    Trans Fat..........0g


    Total Carbohydrate <1g

    Dietary Fiber....<1g



    Ingredients: Cold-pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Organic, Cold-pressed Flaxseed Oil; Sesame Seed Oil; Borage Oil

    Other Ingredients: Absolutely None!

    Violite™ Protected: Patent-pending dark violet-colored, #2 HDPE nontoxic plastic bottle engineered to block light between 450-720 nm, the range at which damage to nutrients occurs. Nitrogen flushed to protect freshness and prevent oxidation. Details: Quantity: 8 fl oz Shipping Weight: 0.65lbs Manufactured by: Premier Research Labs