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Dental-Chord 2oz
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Dental-Chord is a natural combination formula for symptoms related to toxic load after dental procedures or the use of dental materials. The symptoms may be recent or long-standing.For Symptoms such as:pain and swelling in the jaw, face, or glands of neckswollen, bleeding gumsspongy, receding gumspain in teethcoated or swollen tongue mouth ulcers foul breath metallic taste in mouth ear pain bone and joint painweakness and pain in limbs itching skin eruptions hair lossfatigueRecommended Use:...

Medi-Dental Pack
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Premier Research Labs

Premier Oral Poultices with Bentonite and Zeolite(8oz Powder)Effective Cleansing of Targeted Areas Zeolite clay is a volcanic rock that is known to be detoxifying. Its natural negative charge allows it to attract positively charged compounds like heavy metals and toxins. The resulting neutral compound is then flushed from the body. Premier Research Labs makes use of zeolite clay in its Medi-Dental Pack, a premier oral pack used for effective cleansing of targeted areas.Product...