• Brand: Premier Research Labs
  • Serving Size: 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Servings Per Container: Approx 23
Price: $18.96


    Green Tea-ND is the most powerful antioxidant. It helps DNA handle effects of radiation damage. (One airplane flight exposes you to the same amount of radiation as one year on the ground.)

    Benefits of Green Tea-ND:

    • Highly bioavailable delivery system
    • Extraordinary, immediate support for tight tendons and connective tissue soreness
    • Powerful support for recovery of healthy stomach function
    • Research shows green tea is powerful immune-specific support for a very broad range of problems
    • Supports anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive, anti-hypercholesterolemic and fat reduction; helps protect DNA from radiation damage
    • Supports normal blood sugar levels and natural anti-depressive processes
    • Powerful antioxidant and DNA protection; helps suppress AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-Products)
    • Decreases age related risk of illness
    • Promotes healthy immune system function
    • Supports healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and fat levels
    • Supports the heart, kidneys, and skin
    • Delivers a whopping 105 mg of polyphenols per serving (Other green teas may have less than 10 mg - or none at all)
    • A revolutionary, probiotic-fermented green tea formula with p o l y p h e n o l s ; Low Caffeine (<1%); Low Fluoride (<0.002%)

    The Nanization Process: Micro-digested Formual for Spectacular Clinical Success
    The desired nutrients (in this case, a formula of Grade A Fermented Japanese Green Tea Extract & Resveratrol) are micro-digested into tiny, highly bio-available particles using proprietary fermentation process with unique, multi-strain probiotic colonies. This allows rapid, unmatched bio-available cellular delivery, unlike any other product. Many people say they feel the effect the first time they take it.

    Suggested Use: Take 1/2-1tsp in 1/4th cup water or juice, 2 times daily, away from meals. Shake gently before use. For best results, sip slowly 10-15 minutes, holding each sip in your mouth 2-3 seconds before swallowing. It is absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat. Even better results: Put full amount for the day in a water bottle and sip all day long.